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Electric Operated Pumps

Electric Operated Pumps

We are one of the renowned Manufacturers and Importers of the Electric Operated Pumps in the state of Maharashtra and especially, Pune. The comprehensive range of our Electric Operated Pumps includes various models with different features. The various Electric Operated Pumps manufactured by our company are known for their high quality and effective performance.

  • Compact and easy maintenance
  • Smooth and efficient working
  • Resistant to any wear and tear, corrosions and abrasions
  • Detailed designing of the product
  • Excellent working
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective and saves energy

Technical Specifications

Model Working pressure(MDa) Current(L/min) Voltage(V) Power(KW) Weight(Kg) Dimension(cm)
HJB630A(One way)
63 0.6 415/220 0.75 29 36x28x50
HJB630B (Twoway)
63 0.6 415/220 0.75 30 36x28x50
HJB630C (Two way)
63 2.5 415/220 0.75 30 36x28x50
HCB-65 63 2.5 415/220 0.75 28.5 36x28x50
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Electric Operated Pump (HJB 630A)

Electric Operated Pump (HJB 630A)
Our company is a leading Manufacturer and Importer of the Electric Operated Pumps (HJB 630A). We manufacture high-quality Electric Operated Pumps (HJB 630A) with superior parts and components.

Electric Operated Pump (HJB 630B)

Electric Operated Pump (HJB 630B)
The Overseas Commercial Corporation is a well-known Manufacturer and Importer of the Electric Operated Pumps (HJB 630B) in Pune as well as the whole of Maharashtra. The Electric Operated Pumps (HJB 630B) is a popular Industrial Product with many features and finds extensive use in the industrial sector.

Electric Operated Pump (HJB 630C)

Electric Operated Pump (HJB 630C)
We, at the Overseas Commercial Corporation, manufacture as well as import Electric Operated Pumps (HJB 630C) of superior quality. The Electric Operated Pumps (HJB 630C) manufactured by our company is well-known for its efficiency and durability. We ensure high quality and timely delivery of the product to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

Electric Operated Pump (HCB 65)

Electric Operated Pump (HCB 65)
Our company is actively involved in the Manufacturing and Importing of the Electric Operated Pump (HCB 65). The pump manufactured by our company is very popular with our clientele due to its numerous attractive features. We make a conscious effort to ensure quality and timely delivery of the Electric Operated Pump (HCB 65) to our customers.

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